Thursday, 8 March 2012

Ghost... (Nina.S 08.03.12)

My deep thoughts hovering inside me,
Like a heavy, dull cloud  ready to pour.
It is becoming a blur with the thick fog,
I wipe it as I want to see it and feel it all again.

My spirit lurks at your window every night.
I sneak through towards you.
I am here can't you see me?
It seems I am just a ghost wandering the night.

I whisper into your ears,
All the passionate words we exchanged.
But I can't touch and you can't feel me,
Can you sense my presence dear?

It seemed so real,
Or was it a dream?
I don't know what is reality anymore. 
Call it phantom love.

Let me walk your footsteps,
To hate someone or to love you,
No difference as I am pushed away.
I have no where to go ...

My longing for you has never ceased.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

law of attraction

You should not live your life the way society or other people want you to. Only you know what is best for you.

Monday, 2 January 2012

The Black Book That's Blue...: Supreme (Nina.S 29.12.2011)

The Black Book That's Blue...: Supreme (Nina.S 29.12.2011): Seek the source By unlocking your mind. Show some remorse To the supreme divine. To close your eyes Is a cowards way. So ...

Supreme (Nina.S 29.12.2011)

Seek the source
By unlocking your mind.
Show some remorse
To the supreme divine.

To close your eyes
Is a cowards way.
So many lies,
To keep one at bay.

Layers upon layers,
The sins are piled.
You must say your prayers,
To repent all that has died.

Awakening the soul,
Detox your heart.
The sublime unfolds,
It's no longer dark.

I told you dear,
Come closer to me.
No need to fear,
As I will set you free.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Smiles (22.11.11)

Yes you with a beautiful smile.
How did you slip into my life?
I didn't see you coming.

My heart warms up.
The subtle curve of your smile.
Dreamy and lush.
The missing puzzle that fits.
Our smiles conjoined as they touch,
Inhale the breath of life.

No don't look at me too much.
I feel afraid,
That I may lose my smile.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Dreams (Nina.S 20.11.11)

My dreams are my wishes,
I can achieve but can you?
External obstacles in the way,
Allows you to be ruled.

Are you a man or a coward?
To be conquered by another.
Emotional blackmail and more,
Sickens and makes you weak.

You washed your hands on me,
The door slammed.
To hear no more is harsh,
Did you really love me?

Questions and confusion,
My mind is in a spin.
You were a whirl wind in my life,
And then you suddenly vanish.

Can be a reality.
But you were ruthless
And have shattered my belief.