Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Forgotten One (Nina.S 27.02.11)

Stunning blue skies,
Butterflies, birds and bees.
The sweet aroma,
Is this the garden of Eden?

The gentle kisses,
Upon the lips of love.
Hypnotic like gazes,
Could melt an iceberg.

It feels so warm,
With emotions running deep.
If only time could stand still,
Making it an eternal moment.

Cherishing each word.
Lingering thoughts of the future,
Conquering our existence.

Flooding with love,
That it hurt's so much.
Can't imagine letting go,
Don't want to drown.

So blissful and perfect, 
Beautifully magical as this is so right,
Nothing else matters,
This world seems so serene.

To be loved is all one asks,
Unconditional and divine.
So much happiness around me,
So why am I the forgotten one? 

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Blue...(Nina.S 20.02.11)

So still and tranquil
Peaceful to the neighbours,
Resting in the dark meadows.
The silence can be heard,
By those whose souls you caressed
Redolent musk following them.

A gentle mist appears,
From an unknown place,
Seeking for sanctuary in every nook.

A figure hovering above me,
Phlegmatic and blue,
Dew drops settling onto the rubbery skin,

Why are you there?
Facing upon me,
A chill diffuses through me.

This is me,
I am gazing at myself
No! How can this be?

Monday, 14 February 2011

Facing Death (Nina.S 13.02.11)

A Black Rose (Nina.S 14.02.11)

Dark, mysterious and beautiful,
The fine membrane like skin,
So velvety to the touch.
The scent is nostalgic,
Images flashing in my mind,
Are short memories of fondness.
The deep secrets that are within,
Gently wrapped by petals,
The musk escaping in the air.
Held together so delicately,
Protected by its thorns,
Don't be fooled by this Jackyl and Hyde.
The black rose invites you to its death,
A confetti of petals float away,
Just the way my spirit did.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Fierce Love (Nina.S 06.02.11)

Shouting and screaming,
Why Don't you hear me?
Kicking and punching,
Why can't you feel it?
Fierce and bitter like the cold from Siberia. 

Skin so sore,
Aching everywyhere.
Colourful marks adorn my body,
Like an abstract painting,
With different textures and hue.

The Lump in my throat,
Travelling through me.
Each destination is a thrill,
Though very dismal and subdued.
Secure in a foetal position.

My mind is overwhelmed,
It's like the calm after a storm.
The look of remorse,
Seeping through the house.
Beguile's me for forgiveness.

My eye's fixated,
My carcass is lifeless.
My heartbeat thrusting hard
Thought's of vanishing is comforting,
Under a blanket of earth.