Monday, 31 January 2011

Love Yourself (Nina.S 22.08.10)

My heart is like a river filled with tears,
Will there ever be a time to stop my fears?

There is too much pain to comprehend,
So please is their anyone who can be more than just a friend?

A soulmate, a partner are all the main traits,
But when it all goes wrong we put it down to fate.

What can we believe in this world so hellish?
Is that we have ourselves to love and cherish.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Gem (Nina.S 01.01.95)

The riches of the world,
Of which you are the gem.
So beautifully cut,
That gleaming light shines through and through.

You are my precious one,
Whom I will cherish.
My love within my heart,
I have treasured for eternity and over.

I want to hold you,
And never let you go.
In case I lose my gem,
For I will never see the light of life again.

Be patient with me,
As I know at times I'm not gentle.
I just want to keep you,
All to myself and never share you with anyone else.

Once you are mine,
I promise to never shatter you.
The bond that holds us together, 
Will forever be stronger than you could ever imagine.

Baby Love (Nina.S 10.01.94)

My sweet, sweet baby love,
The way I feel is true as the above.
All I want is for you to believe in me,
Look deeper and deeper and then you will see.
That I am purely and hopelessly in love with you.
The world means nothing without your love so true.

You nearly blew everything away,
My life, I tried ending my days.
You said things were becoming stale,
Not for me, but you wanted to bail.
No more goodbye, baby goodbye,
For again my heart and soul will cry.

When you were gone no more did I dance,
As though life stopped and I was in a trance.
Now that you are back, the man I adore,
I just want to be loved forever more.
By you and no one else but you.

Broken Coloured Glasses (Nina.S 11/95)

Broken coloured glasses,
I cannot look ahead,
I am too scared.
In case I am filled with excitement,
But then fall down again.
The crevasses created within me,
From the past are flooded with tears.

My emotions held in so tight,
I cannot bare to release them.
I cannot risk it.
I gave up myself for my loved ones,
My soul is all I have left.
What is true?
I don't know anything anymore.

My loved ones pulled me apart,
What do I have now?
Who can I trust?
I am sinking deeper and deeper.
So help me God,
I just want to be.

Darling...(Nina.S 01.12.89)

You are in the core of my heart,
Although I am so far away,
I never want us to be apart.
I am yours and you are mine all the way,
My feelings for you will never depart.

When I am all alone, 
My mind is so serene.
You are the only one, 
Everyone else blocked by a screen.

Darling I have loved you so,
I know I get impersonal.
I never want to let you go,
My love for you is eternal.

Please don't think wrong about me,
be patient all the way through.
I want you to know more about me,
I am trying to get closer to you,
And together we will always be.

Youniverse (Nina.S 07/89)

With a kiss like yours,
Who needs light bulbs?
Your kiss can turn on the world.

With fair glowing skin like yours,
There is no need for the sun.
It's enough to shine the face off this earth.

With bright starry eyes like yours,
There's no need for the moon.
Your eyes beautifully glint through space.

With dark hair like yours,
Who needs the night?
Your hair is like a carpet of shadows.

First Love (Nina.S 04/89)

The first time when I saw you,
I knew you had to be mine.
You sparked my hidden feelings,
Like bells I wanted to chime.

At last we are together,
Hold me in ecstasy.
Our love is perpetually cherished,
Our minds in tranquility.

You are so salubrious,
And benevolent as can be.
Your type is veracious,
You're the only one for me.

Seducing my emotions,
Lights my heart on fire.
I'll give you my devotion,
You give me the love I desire.

To me you are an inspiration,
Your charisma I want to touch.
To each we'll give warm sensations,
So darling please love me as much.

Bleeding Teardrops (Nina.S 17.10.10)

Spirited Away (Nina.S 08.11.10)


Dancing barefoot on ice,
Listening to people grieving.
Smiling at memories,
Laughing at objects with stories.

 Drinking amongst friends,
Children running and playing.
A lady standing still,
Staring at nothing.
Surrounded by sad words being muttered.

A gentle breeze touches across her face.
Eyes glistening like diamonds,
Expressionless and cold.
Questioning why?

Defragmentations (Nina.S 03.12.10)

"A collage of life's emotions are colourful defragmentations of love, pain and laughter..."

Breathless (Nina.S 08.11.10)

Flooding my sorrows with tears,
My heart beats and drops at peaks.
The blood is no longer running through my veins,
But painfully it creeps slowly, slowly

Claws of life scratching at my body,
The weight of a mountain sitting on my throat.
Air feels too light to breathe in,
Suffocation is a glimmer of hope for non-existence.

Feeling content.....