Sunday, 20 November 2011

Dreams (Nina.S 20.11.11)

My dreams are my wishes,
I can achieve but can you?
External obstacles in the way,
Allows you to be ruled.

Are you a man or a coward?
To be conquered by another.
Emotional blackmail and more,
Sickens and makes you weak.

You washed your hands on me,
The door slammed.
To hear no more is harsh,
Did you really love me?

Questions and confusion,
My mind is in a spin.
You were a whirl wind in my life,
And then you suddenly vanish.

Can be a reality.
But you were ruthless
And have shattered my belief.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Love My Life (Nina.S 19.11.11)

The birth of a daughter!
Hopes and dreams for her future.
Comfort and warmth,
All the love in the world.

First love becomes my enemy,
Second love becomes my trusted friend,
Third love, my soulmate and my lover.
But now I am all alone.

Trust is impossible,
How can I believe what is true anymore?
Wish I was a child again, 
Looking through coloured glass.

The wound is so deep,
I could drown myself inside.
My life is suppose to be precious,
Who are you to destroy me?

My mind, body and soul,
The mind is stagnant.
The body is tired,
The soul has died.

I love my life!