Sunday, 22 May 2011

Tormented (Nina.S 18.05.11)

 You are mine,
You know you are don't you?
Emphatically sublime,
Can you feel it too?
To love you is divine,
There isn't anything to think things through.

For keeps,
Don't be going elsewhere.
I will weep,
If you decide to disappear.
It will be bleak,
I say please do fear.

Peer into my eyes,
Can you see how intense?
Glazed and want to cry,
My heart heavy and dense.
Pounding for life,
You are leaving I sense.

Don't go! Don't go I beg!
I cannot bare the pain.
You will truly regret,
Am sure to go insane.
This you should dread,
As I will make you pay.

Truly, madly, deeply,
It's just so blissful.
In love with you crazily,
So tasteful.
You do love me dearly?
It would be magical. 

Where are you going?
Did I say you could?
My blood is boiling,
My love!
Stay, you know you should.
Grabbing and holding,
I love you so much just look! 

Ignoring me is the worst,
You belong to me.
Everybody I will curse,
You will be on your knees.
Do you want to be in a hearse?
This is where you will be. 

Nobody can love you they way I can,
See it's not so terrible.
You will be cared for my man,
Oh! So much love how incredible.
You and me hand in hand,
No! Don't run!

So sacred...

This is not written from experience, so don't panic as I am definitely not a psycho!! 

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