Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Betrayal of a Pakhtun (Nina.S 21.09.11)

So sweet as a ripe fruit from the trees,
Tempting and delicious.
Too high up as I try to reach,
The hidden poison is treacherous.

An old man so kind and gentle.
His warm face is welcoming.
Just want to listen to his mind.
But his thoughts are so damning.

The love of my life is a Pakhtun,
His heart is pure as gold.
Nothing can ever change this,
Don't believe it so am I told.

The betrayal came suddenly,
He didn't even warn me.
Breaking my heart lovingly,
This I didn't want to believe.

The twist of a knife is so sharp,
Don't hurt me please don't.
The painful beat of my heart,
Please, please don't let go.

The drought in my eyes,
No more tears streaming.
My mouth is so dry,
Surely I must be dreaming.

My face is so sore ,
From the salty tear drops.
The residue fixed in the pores,
Leaving a trail of hopes.

Don't look away!
For this is the last time we meet.
How can I make you sway?
It's me your love as I try to plead.

Nothing can change your mind,
Left for vultures to attack.
I must have been so blind,
To think you loved me as much.

Something inside me has collapsed,
Am exhausted and drained.
Breathing has become a real task,
God haven't I endured enough pain.

I just want to be loved,
Why is it so hard to keep.
Why did you give up?
My feelings are true and so deep.

An abundance of love and care,
So easily fooled am I.
The life we were going to share,
And now I just want to die!

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