Thursday, 8 March 2012

Ghost... (Nina.S 08.03.12)

My deep thoughts hovering inside me,
Like a heavy, dull cloud  ready to pour.
It is becoming a blur with the thick fog,
I wipe it as I want to see it and feel it all again.

My spirit lurks at your window every night.
I sneak through towards you.
I am here can't you see me?
It seems I am just a ghost wandering the night.

I whisper into your ears,
All the passionate words we exchanged.
But I can't touch and you can't feel me,
Can you sense my presence dear?

It seemed so real,
Or was it a dream?
I don't know what is reality anymore. 
Call it phantom love.

Let me walk your footsteps,
To hate someone or to love you,
No difference as I am pushed away.
I have no where to go ...

My longing for you has never ceased.

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