Sunday, 6 February 2011

Fierce Love (Nina.S 06.02.11)

Shouting and screaming,
Why Don't you hear me?
Kicking and punching,
Why can't you feel it?
Fierce and bitter like the cold from Siberia. 

Skin so sore,
Aching everywyhere.
Colourful marks adorn my body,
Like an abstract painting,
With different textures and hue.

The Lump in my throat,
Travelling through me.
Each destination is a thrill,
Though very dismal and subdued.
Secure in a foetal position.

My mind is overwhelmed,
It's like the calm after a storm.
The look of remorse,
Seeping through the house.
Beguile's me for forgiveness.

My eye's fixated,
My carcass is lifeless.
My heartbeat thrusting hard
Thought's of vanishing is comforting,
Under a blanket of earth.

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