Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Forgotten One (Nina.S 27.02.11)

Stunning blue skies,
Butterflies, birds and bees.
The sweet aroma,
Is this the garden of Eden?

The gentle kisses,
Upon the lips of love.
Hypnotic like gazes,
Could melt an iceberg.

It feels so warm,
With emotions running deep.
If only time could stand still,
Making it an eternal moment.

Cherishing each word.
Lingering thoughts of the future,
Conquering our existence.

Flooding with love,
That it hurt's so much.
Can't imagine letting go,
Don't want to drown.

So blissful and perfect, 
Beautifully magical as this is so right,
Nothing else matters,
This world seems so serene.

To be loved is all one asks,
Unconditional and divine.
So much happiness around me,
So why am I the forgotten one? 

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