Thursday, 10 March 2011

Life is Permeable (Nina.S 08.03.11)

 I can glide into your heart,
Listen to every note,
Pulsating through your body.

Sweep through your hair,
Like the black forest,
Abundant that I could lose myself.

From one corner of your lips to the other,
The journey is read like braille,
So elaborate to decifer.

Every word I cling onto,
The distance is too great,
Should I fall into the unknown.

Mesmerised by your hypnotic eyes,
As though I have been swallowed,
Am a spectator of your sight.

Dissolving into you to become one,
Waves of entwined confusion,
Creating a cocktail of emotions.

Belonging is bleak,
As the darkest of wilderness,
I thought you were mine.

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