Saturday, 2 April 2011

Perfection (Nina.S 29.03.11)

The art of perfection,
Is like fitting two pieces of incorrect puzzles.
Try too hard and the shape will distort,
Just the way our world is.

Life has many flaws,
Why waste time trying to rectify it?
You will be filled with despair and disappointment.
Let things be and accept your path.

A mirror shattered into pieces,
Bad luck is not coming your way.
Focus on this and it will be inevitable.
Negativity is a magnet to dark forces.

Is this hell on earth?
Starvation, abuse, murders and wars.
There has never been peace.
To experience this it would be heaven.

Each and everyone of us has a purpose,
Be it good or bad we make choices.
How do we make bad decisions?
It is written in our fate already.

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  1. I do believe we must persist to find the trove treasure at the end of the trail, the completion of the puzzle...if you get a chance read my latest blog entry...Paragon...