Saturday, 2 April 2011

Untouchable (Nina.S 30.03.11)

A perfect human being,
Not visible to tarnished mortals.
Impossible to ruin,
Clear like crystal.

The mind is superior,
A repellent to ignorance.
Intellect eats away khafur's.
Kept at infinite distance.

Beautiful glowing aura,
Making people feel safe.
To get close is an honour,
Please remember my face.

As there is warmth around you,
There is no need to touch.
I have been hurt badly too,
Will you love me as much?

An abundance of kindness,
Unselfish and pure.
Why are you so untouchable?
I want to have you more.

My feelings were locked,
But now I just want to cry.
Will I feel better?
I know I would if you tried.

So tell me beautiful person,
How long are you here?
Do you want me to move on?
As I dread the despair.


  1. Very nicely done. I love the imagery throughout your blog.